8 Tools to Improve Collaboration with Offshore Developers

Discover the top 8 collaboration tools that do more for your project than just making things easier. Integrating them into your workflow also allows you to build stronger working relationships with your offshore developers.

"We build teams to develop applications faster than anyone."

"I've discovered many tools that helped me improve the way I manage and communicate with my team from this eBook. I've gained in efficiency and I better manage the information around my software development projects with outsourced teams and my own in-house staff."
Stephan Fontanel
Founder & Chairman, Medicamatch.com

Find the best tools for time tracking, storing information, managing your project requirements, etc. 

Using the best-in-class tools will save you hassle and increase efficiency.
Frederic Joye
Co-Founder, Arcanys
About the Author
Frederic has been overseeing distributed software development project teams with hundreds of companies worldwide. This eBook contains great information about effective tools used by thousands of startups and companies. To learn more on software development outsourcing, do not hesitate to contact him.
A guide for startups and established companies to select the best outsourcing software development firm for their business.

The right tools increase the chance of success for your software project.

Discover which tools best integrate with your existing systems. 

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